MacOS New finders default Folder

Theres nothing more annoying than opening a new finder window and having the “All my files” show. Well, there is a lot more things that are worse; its just annoying.
I had been looking for the setting to change and must have overlooked it.

Anyway, open up a new finder window
Goto Preferences (Cmd + ,)
General Tab (default)
At the bottom you will see “New finder windows show:” then a dropdown.

Your free to change to whatever you see fit.


Ubuntu auto start ssh server

Having to setup an Ubuntu server recently, all the CentOS commands had to get thrown out the Window.
Before i could put the server into the rack i had to make sure sshd started if the server ever reset.
Below is the following command to add ssh to the default startup.

It actually updates the rc.d scripts so probably also adds shutdown scripts to the unneeded run levels

sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults